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Buy edible gold leaf : $50 american gold eagle.

Buy Edible Gold Leaf

buy edible gold leaf

    edible gold

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buy edible gold leaf – Edible Gold

Edible Gold Leaf Flakes in Clear Acrylic Cube Shaker. 100mg.
Edible Gold Leaf Flakes in Clear Acrylic Cube Shaker. 100mg.
Edible Gold Flakes in Acrylic-Cube Shaker 23kt Edible Gold Flakes are now available in a pre-packaged acrylic-cube-shaker The shaker (approx. 1-3/8 x 1-3/8 x 1-5/8 contains 100mg of Edible Gold Leaf Flakes The cube is packed in a clear transparent decorative plastic box (2x2x2) Turn your desserts and culinary presentations into works of art with this genuine Edible Gold Leaf Flakes Ideal for special occasions like Weddings, Engagements, Anniversaries and Celebrations Create exquisite desserts and memorable dining experiences by simply adding elegant 23kt Edible Gold Flakes to Champagne, Fine Baked Goods, Candies, and Holiday Cakes. 23kt Edible Gold Flakes is also great for chocolates, fruits, cakes, marzipan, etc. Made in GermanyCertified kosher by Federation of Synagogues

Creative Christmas Gift Wrap ~ 2009

Creative Christmas Gift Wrap ~ 2009
Wrapping presents this year for Christmas was fun … rushed a bit … but fun! Heavy snow on Christmas Eve and a couple of new Christmas music CDs set the mood.

There’s nothing really fancy here, but I am pleased with how it all came together. I used scrapbooking paper to wrap some of the CDs, and I really like that idea. Scrapbook paper designers are creating some incredibly beautiful stuff. Why in the world they’re not branching out with their designs into the Christmas gift wrap market is beyond me. I’d buy!!!

The other papers shown here came from The Container Store and Wal-Mart. I used a variety of embellishments to make things especially festive … red and white spray-painted red oak leaves from the tree by my house … gold spray-painted Bradford pear leaves that I picked up in a parking lot in town … Fort Knox chocolate coins (big hit with the teenagers … edible gift wrap!) … and a mix of satin, sheer and wired ribbons that I purchased on sale here and there throughout the year.

The leaves were easily added by slipping their stems between the folds of ribbon just before I tightened the knots. The chocolate coins each have a small piece of double-sided tape affixed to the back. The possibilities of what you could stick on a package with that stuff are endless.

I am hopelessly addicted to the rich, warm colors of fall, so I always tend to use a palette of golds, reds, greens and browns when I start wrapping Christmas gifts, although I did branch out a little with some silver spray paint this year.

I’ve always avoided the cool blues, purples and pinks, but those scrapbook paper designers have opened my eyes to some new possibilities … blues, browns and greens maybe? It’s a good thing that I’ve got a year to think about it.

Remember that really great packaging doesn’t have to be expensive. A plain brown gift bag, some twine, fall leaves from your yard and a heartfelt note in your unique handwriting might just end up on someone’s bulletin board or in their keepsake drawer. Personal expressions that say, "You’re special to me," have a habit of becoming permanent souvenirs. They’re just way too rare in this world.

Let’s change that!


Just for Love!!!

Just for Love!!!
An older design of mine,
All is done with high quality dark chocolate the red is colored white chocolate, (Sorry about the writing it had to be done backwards in order to show correctly when is turned first goes the red then the dark)
the heart box has 2 layers of white cake and chocolate mousse,
Filled with dark chocolate truffles witch are heaven for the ladies,
23 karat edible gold leaf on each one,
With the price of gold over 1,000 Dollars its great that I bought mine years ago for life time use,
buy edible gold leaf
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